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History of Typography

22 Aug

Came across this today via a friend from school. It’s a fun reminder of my sophomore Typography 1 class.


Resonate Poster

30 Jul


This summer has proved to be incredibly busy. Most days I’m on project overload. The other week I was asked to do a poster for AYM’s Resonate Retreat this fall. I’ll admit, I’ve waited for this opportunity. I’ve done t-shirts for them but to finally do an event poster was awesome. It was at a retreat such as this I fell in love with design and decided to become a graphic artist–so it comes full circle.

The retreat is held at Springville Camp and Conference center in Argo, AL. If you’ve ever been you’ll know that the heart of this camp is the gorgeous lake. This particular retreat is targeted towards college and young adult students and is a time for relaxation and time with God. This project was a great reminder of why I chose design as a career path.


The Journey

16 May


I’m super excited that my friend asked me to help brand her upcoming health conference. She wanted a chalkboard look and fresh market feel. Her conference will be in July and focus on essential oils, healthy eating, and overall happiness and wellness. You can check her blog out here.

Southern Landscape

16 May


Here’s a look at a logo and business card I just finished. The company is located in Brewton, AL and wanted an old Southern/vintage feel.

New in the Shop: Graduation Cards

25 Apr


I’m excited to announce that this fella finally made it to the shop. So if you have a scholar in mind, I hope this (A2) card is the perfect match. Limited supply available here.

ImageThe inspiration for this card came one day as I was browsing through my local flea mall. I stumbled upon this little dude and immediately fell in love with it’s face. For $1, I knew he was coming home for me. As I investigated the figurine I noticed the bottom of the books said weather owl. That’s a little odd, so I googled it and turns out these must have been popular back in the 70’s or so and actually contained a paint film that changes colors as the weather changes. Pretty rad right? However, time has taken it’s toll and the paint is long gone. So it’s just cute and served as the perfect little poser for me to paint my scholar owl above.

Southern Bridal Faire Sketches

9 Apr


I always love looking back at initial logo concept sketches. It’s fun to see where something started and how it ended up. Sometimes, it also helps me launch off with a new project. I stumbled across these today while looking for some artwork that I made, but didn’t use. Waste not my friends.

Design Snapshots

9 Apr


My friend Evan (Evan & Co.) keeps me busy with wedding design work. Usually I don’t see the end product until they end up in instagram. Here’s a glimpse of some of the projects in motion.

For another look at one of my favorite suites, check out this past post.