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New Birthday Cards in the Shop

20 Aug


Finally, new cards are added to the shop! Lots of birthday cards including this lovely mint one. There’s sure to be one in the perfect color for you. The card features a seal with a slight texture so some lovely color comes through. Then I used a lovely font and added some confetti for festivity. The other birthday cards feature a yummy piece of cake! Check them out here.

And keep check the shop out over the next several weeks. There will be tons of new stuff, fall promo, and seasonal goodies. I’ll be posting here as well as I add them. I’ve also started a pinterest board for the shop so you can see the collective group of goodies.


Hodge Podge Chic

13 Jun

Recently I got to work on designing an Etsy banner, logo, and cover photo for  a friend’s new business called Hodge Podge Chic. The store sells a mixture of vintage, modern, and handmade items. She wanted something whimsical and bright. Since we both love owls, I knew I had to include one somewhere.

Aren’t those spoons adorable? She’s in the process of setting up her Etsy store right now. Be sure to check out and like her Facebook page.

Eat Seasonally: Sneak Peek

25 May

I’ve been getting more and more aware of what I eat these days. Did you know that it’s actually healthier and cheaper to eat fruits and veggies in their season (and bought locally)? That’s why some fruits will cost you an arm and a leg to buy sometimes and cheap at others. To make it easier to tell and to have a pretty print in the kitchen I’ve start working on an “Eat Seasonally” poster with hand painted gouache fruit and veggie illustrations. Here is a sneak peek:

Total there will probably be somewhere between 20-30 images. Practice makes perfect right? Also I’m debating between “Eat Seaonally” and “Eat Seasonably”. Any preferences?

Have a blessed Memorial weekend!