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New Birthday Cards in the Shop

20 Aug


Finally, new cards are added to the shop! Lots of birthday cards including this lovely mint one. There’s sure to be one in the perfect color for you. The card features a seal with a slight texture so some lovely color comes through. Then I used a lovely font and added some confetti for festivity. The other birthday cards feature a yummy piece of cake! Check them out here.

And keep check the shop out over the next several weeks. There will be tons of new stuff, fall promo, and seasonal goodies. I’ll be posting here as well as I add them. I’ve also started a pinterest board for the shop so you can see the collective group of goodies.



Autumn Work in Progress: Sneak Peak

31 Jul



Autumn is my absolutely favorite time of year. I can go on forever on how many awesome things make this season incredible. Cooler temperatures, gorgeous leaves, football, smores, apples, pumpkins, did I mention football? It’s great. So needless to say, an autumn collection of goodies was heading my way. I sat down last night to start painting some of the fun things I mentioned above. My boyfriend called me a nerd/adorable as I squeaked over how cute my owl was turning out. 

I’ve noticed I can build an inventory with all the goodies I crave, but it doesn’t help you unless it’s what you need. So if you have a second, please comment below.

What are some of your favorite parts of fall?
If you sent out a greeting card this fall with some lovely autumn images what would you like it to say or do images carry alone?
What sort of paper goods do you like to purchase for gifts?


First Vendor Event of the Year

30 Jul

Stone and Feather made a debut this weekend for the ladies of First Assembly in Clanton, AL. It was such a fun event and I met a lot of lovely people and vendors. This was the first exhibitor event that I had participated in since literally this time last year. Saturday was definitely a learning lesson in prepping a table display. I learned what worked and what needed to be fixed before my  next event in November. Once I got home, I ordered some cello bags for the single cards. No more cardboard and time wrapping cellophane around cards! New business cards are also in progress. I’m excited to be preparing for the Holiday Market. What sort of paper good items interest you the most for the holiday season?

Fall is just around the corner and it is my absolute FAVORITE time of year next to Christmas. I’m working on some new goodies for the shop and hope to share soon. What is your favorite thing about fall?


Small Business Love: Interview with Quill and Fox

25 Jul

Around the beginning of this year I ran across the most darling Paper Goods store, Quill and Fox. I immediately fell in love with the whimsy illustrations and vintage inspired color schemes. I think it’s safe to say I’m a big advocate for the art of the handwritten letter. Not only am I inspired by the items themselves, but as a youngster trying to learn all I can about running and succeeding at my own store, I was inspired to find that Quill and Fox is a small business entity as well.

Yas Imamura is the master mind behind Quill and Fox. She and her husband run their business out of their home in Oregon. I’ve decided if I’m going to learn how to grow my own business there’s no better way then to glean all the information I can out of people who have succeeded. I sent a request for her to answer a few questions and she quickly and kindly replied. Here are her responses:

  1. When did you decide to do this full-time or is Quill and Fox an extra venture? After trying out a few internships right off finishing school, I felt the need to design and make things. I got so inspired from doing my own wedding invitations especially, which lead me to building my own shop. My husband and I both work from home, so it was quite easy to do Quill & Fox on the side for awhile. It wasn’t until last Christmas that I’ve made it my full-time job!
  2. How did you get involved with Anthropologie? (Such a huge dream of mine!) Just sheer luck, I feel really silly about it! One of their stationery and gift retailers found me through Etsy. It was literally my first ever wholesale inquiry too—I was flabbergasted and on such a high! I remember a lot jumpin’ around the room too.
  3. As a small business how to do handle the demand of providing items in bulk to stores? Assess your capacity and make it clear to retailers what your turnaround is. I’ve had to learn this the hard way, as I started off really wanting to seem like I can easily front large bulks. I managed to, but we had to put in unnaturally long hours just to do so. Once you have  a good gauge of what sells the most, you’ll be more comfortable pre-producing stock—which I’m slowly doing.
  4. What is the most successful thing you have found to broaden your brand and company? The internet, blogging and social networking (like pinterest) have been an amazing help for me. I’m not the savviest with it, but I’ve received a lot of traction and customer base from it!
  5.   I recently purchased your very cute terrarium postcards. Where do you buy your packaging for cards? Aww, thank you! 🙂 I source out the interent for wholesale packaging shops.

She also does lovely wedding suites. Be sure to check out her site and shop. Thanks again for taking time to answer my questions.


Eat Seasonally: Sneak Peek

25 May

I’ve been getting more and more aware of what I eat these days. Did you know that it’s actually healthier and cheaper to eat fruits and veggies in their season (and bought locally)? That’s why some fruits will cost you an arm and a leg to buy sometimes and cheap at others. To make it easier to tell and to have a pretty print in the kitchen I’ve start working on an “Eat Seasonally” poster with hand painted gouache fruit and veggie illustrations. Here is a sneak peek:

Total there will probably be somewhere between 20-30 images. Practice makes perfect right? Also I’m debating between “Eat Seaonally” and “Eat Seasonably”. Any preferences?

Have a blessed Memorial weekend!

Turning the World Upside Down: Tshirt

28 Mar

Here is a little design update on a kids ministry t-shirt I’ve been working on. The shirts are mostly to be worn by the workers each Sunday but they will also serve as a sell item to raise money for Kmotion. Kmotion is the Children’s Ministry at Temple Assembly of God in Clanton, AL. If you live in the area and are looking for a fun place come join them on Sundays. They’re also having an Easter Eggstravaganza on Saturday, April 7th from 10-2. It should be an exciting event for the whole family with free food, games, and other events.

We went with two different shirts for this so that the workers have a variety. I used bright bold colors to create a high energy. I mean we are turning the world upside here so it has to be bold. I also used bubblish typography and doodles to get across the kid feel. I’m hoping I can rock that white one soon.


The Story of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” WW2 Poster

19 Mar

I know everyone and their brother has seen a version of this poster and a million parodies of it. Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes, Keep Calm and Kill Zombies, Keep Calm and Do Something. It’s like it sprung out of nowhere and became contagious. Me and my boyfriend were in Books a Million a while back when he saw a journal cover with it. He sorta had an epiphany and was like I saw something like this on the internet the other day but in regards to Star Wars, what the heck is it? I told him a bit and about how it originally was a WW2 poster from Britain. “Ah, that’s cool,” was his reply and the conversation dropped. The other day he sent me a link to this video that tells the story of this quaint little poster. It was originally a part of a set of 3 different propaganda posters used. But this one was held in reserve till a real crisis came. The war thankfully ended and it was never circulated. No one ever saw it until years later. Watch the video for the full story, but it seems to me a interesting thing that a poster designed in the late 30’s made it’s debut in a very fashionable, relevant way today. Maybe because the truth of the statement is timeless and it came about when it was something folks could latch onto. In the world we live, all of us have worries, fears, or some insecurities of the future. It’s a good reminder to keep calm and carry on. I think my favorite mimic of this poster would be “Keep Calm and Trust God.” He knows the storm. Watch the video here.