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Help Feed Hope | Fight Hunger

13 Mar

For Christmas Tj got me a gift card to Skillshare so I signed up for a few hand lettering classes I had on my wish list. I finally got around to watching the lessons for Mary Kate McDevitt’s second hand lettering class. She has two, the first one teaches how to create effective hand lettered designs. The second focuses on the digital aspect of creating a cohesive design with hand lettering,texture, and color.

I applied her tips to a shirt I’m working on at work for the food bank. This time I created a new page every time I did a massive tweak of the file just so I could see the progress. It’s pretty fun to see how it evolves.


At first, I went with three colors. I hand lettered the fork and spoon and the message. I liked the idea of a place setting. However, I felt that the green was too stark and thought the design could handle being reduced to two colors. This also helped on the screen printing side of things. I also felt that the words were too contained in the “plate”.


I brought the lettering out of the plate. At this point I started to experiment with texture and created some using stamp pads and pens.

I also lost the weird block at the bottom and brought in some flourishes to create a charger look around the plate. I added the texture I created. We decided the message needed to be more elaborate so I added some more lettering and flourishes to really solidify the charger idea.

I’m happy with the final outcome and I’m thankful for taking the class. It’s always helpful to see the process of other designers to learn new tricks and freshen up. If you’re interested in taking that or any other class for the first time, click here for a $10 discount.


The Journey

16 May


I’m super excited that my friend asked me to help brand her upcoming health conference. She wanted a chalkboard look and fresh market feel. Her conference will be in July and focus on essential oils, healthy eating, and overall happiness and wellness. You can check her blog out here.

Southern Landscape

16 May


Here’s a look at a logo and business card I just finished. The company is located in Brewton, AL and wanted an old Southern/vintage feel.

Stone and Feather Branding

15 Jan

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 11.19.23 AM

Some time off from work over the holidays afforded me the time to work on updating my portfolio. Over the past year I’ve worked on building a brand for Stone and Feather. This was the first time I actually put all the pieces together and I have to say it’s very rewarding when you see all the work come together for a united front.

Connect Student Ministries

12 Sep

I’ve designed for several youth groups over the last couple of years. I enjoy it. Nothing makes me happier then making a logo or t-shirt for a youth group. I have to say though I’m totally biased for this group. Last June my boyfriend became the youth pastor for Connect Church in Daphne, AL. The church had been developing some new branding so I had the liberty to create a new look for the youth. We kept with in the aesthetic of the overall church and kept the Connect theme. I chose colors that were youth friendly yet complimented the overall church. Their primary brand color is orange. I found out that the color orange means change. The pastor chose orange after reading the “Orange Revolution“. Pretty cool way to use color and meaning.

I created hoodies, student info cards, sign-up sheets, calendars, along with postcards that could be mailed out for birthdays and encouragement.

The cards actually were modified from note cards in the shop. I just set it up where they could be printed front and back, three to a page on colored card stock. (If you’re looking for something similar for your youth group, I’ll be happy to set up same system for you with your youth logo on the back and info. Just drop me line.)

Amanda Chavers & Antigone’s Business Cards

14 Jun

I’ve always tried to stay away from becoming a one style designer. It’s easy to fall into a rut and have a go-to design theme that works for you. Luckily, the past few months have been stretching me design wise to work with some clients who have different styles then I’ve tried before. I was contacted back in March by a talented soul who takes your old outdated furniture and paints it up like new. Amanda wanted an antique, almost french provincial style look to her business cards. (She’s also the one I did the Poorhouse design for awhile back.)

She does this on the side but she also works for an antique store called Antigone’s. After her boss, Donna saw what we did for Amanda, she decided to redo her store and own personal cards. Keeping a similar theme of the french provincial we went with a pretty blue and lavender with some gold in there. Who doesn’t love gold.

I’m loving the way they turned out and happy that I stretched a new muscle. Be sure to check out their pages and store if you’re close to Brewton.

I’m blessed to say that I’ve been pretty booked with design jobs over the past 6 months. God is good! If you need any work done, please feel free to contact me.

Hodge Podge Chic

13 Jun

Recently I got to work on designing an Etsy banner, logo, and cover photo for  a friend’s new business called Hodge Podge Chic. The store sells a mixture of vintage, modern, and handmade items. She wanted something whimsical and bright. Since we both love owls, I knew I had to include one somewhere.

Aren’t those spoons adorable? She’s in the process of setting up her Etsy store right now. Be sure to check out and like her Facebook page.