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Engagement Announcement

13 Mar

Laura Annoucement
I recently had the honor of painting an engagement announcement for friend. They wanted to incorporate their sweet little bunny and the groom-to-be’s love of games.


Some Christmas Press

5 Dec


I was thrilled to received my Minted Holiday Catalog in the mail recently to discover that my print “Naturally Framed” had been used as part of the beautiful design for the cover. Huge honor to be included and a reminder to never give up. I’ve been rejected many times for minted contests but recently I added my second piece to the mix with this New Year’s Card.

The print included above can be found on Minted’s site here.

Over in the shop we are offering a 25% off with the code NOEL12 through Friday. Great opportunity to pick up some fun stocking stuffers for Christmas. And on our Society 6 site we have a promo going for free shipping and $5 off each product!

Baby Announcement (For Friend)

11 Sep

I was beyond thrilled to find out my friend was expecting a tiny surprise soon. In fact, I’ve had several friends lately to find out they were expecting (hey, it was a very rainy and gray summer…) I was very honored when my friend asked me to come up with a cute announcement card to post on Facebook. How awesome is that? Such a special moment to share with friends and family. Ah, I just love it. Worse part was keeping it a secret for almost a week.

Cards are in the shop here, available in 3 different color schemes.

How to Wash Your Veggies

6 May


Spring has quickly come and almost gone. With the summer months approaching I know that my produce purchasing will significantly increase. As a young adult on my own I’ve realized things that should be really common sense doesn’t always click with me. Maybe it’s so common sense no one thought to share it with me, but washing your veggies is an important thing to do. So what do you do when you don’t know how to do something? Google it. I came across this post here that breaks down the best way to handle cleaning different types of produce. It also gives a list of the dirty dozen and clean fifteen. Needless to say, I bought a gallon size thing of vinegar last night.

The Eat Seasonally print above is available in my shop here. It’s a fun little reminder of when your favorite produce is most available in their finest. I’m looking forward to our on campus Farmer’s Market opening this Thursday. I’ve been patiently waiting.

New in the Shop: Graduation Cards

25 Apr


I’m excited to announce that this fella finally made it to the shop. So if you have a scholar in mind, I hope this (A2) card is the perfect match. Limited supply available here.

ImageThe inspiration for this card came one day as I was browsing through my local flea mall. I stumbled upon this little dude and immediately fell in love with it’s face. For $1, I knew he was coming home for me. As I investigated the figurine I noticed the bottom of the books said weather owl. That’s a little odd, so I googled it and turns out these must have been popular back in the 70’s or so and actually contained a paint film that changes colors as the weather changes. Pretty rad right? However, time has taken it’s toll and the paint is long gone. So it’s just cute and served as the perfect little poser for me to paint my scholar owl above.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

23 Nov

Check out the shop the end of this week to mark off some Christmas gift items. Black Friday is always crazy so get out and shop, our sale will go on through the 30th.

Temple Holiday Market

15 Nov

Last Saturday I participated in a local craft fair at my home church. It was a long time coming but I think the whole event turned out wonderfully. I wore two hats for this event. I proposed the idea initially to the Women’s Group at Temple Assembly back in March. It had been on my heart to create a fun community event that gave back locally. I love craft fairs but to be a vendor about breaks the bank. The idea was to offer small vendors the opportunity to have a booth at an affordable price. The Women’s Group was all in so we spent the year planning, designing, and marketing the event. What appeared doubtful with 3 vendors the beginning of October blossomed to a full gym of unique and talented people. With the ball rolling, I through in my lot to be one of the vendors. Stress overload! But worth it.

Cozies and Calendars

My very sweet and talented boyfriend came out to help me. He also built that calendar display, which acquired more interest then anything else. I think I know who might have a booth next year. The cozies and calendars make wonderful gifts. The cozie makes a nice simple gift for coffee lovers. I slip a Starbucks gift card between the sleeve and it is the cutest bundle.

Art Prints and Owl Card

I found some old crates at a local flea mall. They were awesome to use for display to hold my prints and cards. Plus how cute will they be holding my magazines in my house when I’m not at a craft show?

I also had a very extensive Christmas selection. It’s my favorite time of year. That wrapping was inspired by Anthropologie wrapping that I posted as part of my So Doable Holiday ideas. It was so easy. I followed a pom pom tutorial, added a tag, and painted gold polka dots to simple packaging paper.

Other exciting news: My christmas card has made it’s third appearance this week. It was included on, Oh So Beautiful Paper this morning.