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Joining the Crew

10 Apr


It’s been forever since I’ve posted to this blog, but I couldn’t think of any better comeback then to announce we have a little one joining our humble crew of two this fall. Before I conceived this little lady, I dreamed of nights slaving away on baby art projects. Knitted toys and blankets, nursery art, pillows, etc. After all I have 10 months, right? Well the first trimester was a rude awakening on just how little energy, creativity, or motivation I would have to put towards the regular housework and cooking duties I have, much less art projects. This little announcement was a massive labor of love  on its own. But one thing I’m learning the closer to September I get is that the other stuff isn’t really that important. We prayed for this little one, and couldn’t be more excited or blessed to undertake this new journey God has granted us.


Pumpkin Carving-Hand Lettering Style

23 Oct

2014-10-22 17.46.42

I made it a tradition a few years ago to always do a pumpkin carving. I’ve done Aubie, Jack Sparrow, and even a pretty cool looking owl but this year I went the lazy route and just painted my pumpkin. Plus side: This beauty will last a lot longer with all it’s inners intact.

Baby Announcement (For Friend)

11 Sep

I was beyond thrilled to find out my friend was expecting a tiny surprise soon. In fact, I’ve had several friends lately to find out they were expecting (hey, it was a very rainy and gray summer…) I was very honored when my friend asked me to come up with a cute announcement card to post on Facebook. How awesome is that? Such a special moment to share with friends and family. Ah, I just love it. Worse part was keeping it a secret for almost a week.

Cards are in the shop here, available in 3 different color schemes.

Today’s Mom: Hand Lettering

27 Aug


I was excited to have some liberty at work on a new project to play around with hand lettering. The above is a section of a new tote bag (grocery store bag) we are producing. We’re working with a nutrition program called Today’s Mom and it’s about educating new mommies on healthy food choices. The bag is in comp stage right now, so the art and wording hasn’t been finalized but I wanted to show a glimpse of the project right now.

Resonate Poster

30 Jul


This summer has proved to be incredibly busy. Most days I’m on project overload. The other week I was asked to do a poster for AYM’s Resonate Retreat this fall. I’ll admit, I’ve waited for this opportunity. I’ve done t-shirts for them but to finally do an event poster was awesome. It was at a retreat such as this I fell in love with design and decided to become a graphic artist–so it comes full circle.

The retreat is held at Springville Camp and Conference center in Argo, AL. If you’ve ever been you’ll know that the heart of this camp is the gorgeous lake. This particular retreat is targeted towards college and young adult students and is a time for relaxation and time with God. This project was a great reminder of why I chose design as a career path.


The Journey

16 May


I’m super excited that my friend asked me to help brand her upcoming health conference. She wanted a chalkboard look and fresh market feel. Her conference will be in July and focus on essential oils, healthy eating, and overall happiness and wellness. You can check her blog out here.

Southern Landscape

16 May


Here’s a look at a logo and business card I just finished. The company is located in Brewton, AL and wanted an old Southern/vintage feel.