Joining the Crew

10 Apr


It’s been forever since I’ve posted to this blog, but I couldn’t think of any better comeback then to announce we have a little one joining our humble crew of two this fall. Before I conceived this little lady, I dreamed of nights slaving away on baby art projects. Knitted toys and blankets, nursery art, pillows, etc. After all I have 10 months, right? Well the first trimester was a rude awakening on just how little energy, creativity, or motivation I would have to put towards the regular housework and cooking duties I have, much less art projects. This little announcement was a massive labor of love  on its own. But one thing I’m learning the closer to September I get is that the other stuff isn’t really that important. We prayed for this little one, and couldn’t be more excited or blessed to undertake this new journey God has granted us.


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