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Happy Halloween

31 Oct


Photo from Lab Partners

Is it really the end of the month already? October is by far my favorite month. So many wonderful things exist within it. Probably why time flew the past four weeks.

I’m still waiting for fall to hit the Gulf Coast. The nights are a little chilled and I’ve seen some red and orange speckles trying to shine out among the trees. But oh how I miss fall. I think that’s why my heart has grown so fond of mums and pumpkins scattered about my front porch. Forget the fact I leave the house with a tank top. Even got sunburned this past weekend. Gotta love the south.

Thankfully the weather has thrown us a bone for Halloween, tonight should be crisp and I got the night planned with butter beer and Hocus Pocus on the tube. Enjoy the day (and night) mate and watch out for spooks.


Pumpkin Carving-Hand Lettering Style

23 Oct

2014-10-22 17.46.42

I made it a tradition a few years ago to always do a pumpkin carving. I’ve done Aubie, Jack Sparrow, and even a pretty cool looking owl but this year I went the lazy route and just painted my pumpkin. Plus side: This beauty will last a lot longer with all it’s inners intact.

Bahamanniversary Cruise

20 Oct

It’s hard to believe 1 year has come and gone in the married life. Me and TJ opted out of a fancy honeymoon when we got married due to both of us just starting new jobs and money being a little tight right after the wedding. So we opted for a nice 1st Anniversary cruise to the Bahamas and Universal Studios.

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We spent one day completely getting lost in Nassau. Instead of paying for an excursion we figured we could find our way about the island. It took us literally all day to find the Queen’s Staircase. Apparently the islanders don’t really know where that is either. We went down all sorts of back roads and alleys and discovered a lot of cool things along the way.

2014-10-06 14.00.13-1 2014-10-06 14.11.09-1 2014-10-06 18.59.25-12014-10-06 14.27.23-2 2014-10-06 15.03.02-1 2014-10-06 18.21.51-1 2014-10-06 15.03.06-1

We finished the trip out by spending a day in Universal completely acting like children. Their Harry Potter World is super fabulous. If you’re a fan you must go.

2014-10-12 07.38.37

Best part of the week: We finally thawed out that yummy piece of beautiful cake and consumed every last bite of it. Cheers!