First Fabric Design Ready To Go

14 Mar



I’m excited to announce that I have my first design pattern up for sale at It even made the home page for the recent trends (1st one in bottom row). I initially came across Spoonflower when I was looking for some specific prints for baby gifts. I googled Dr. Who fabric and came across several on this site. I spent some time exploring and just let me tell you they have so many adorable prints to choose from. I favorited so many things to purchase later when I have kids. 

The exciting thing about Spoonflower is that you can upload your own designs. I seriously was not going to get involved with this but they have weekly contests and just so happened the upcoming one was gemstones. I knew Stone and Feather had to play their part so thus commended my first fabric pattern.


My purchase of it came in last night and the stones details show up beautifully. I was a little concerned that the painted details would lose some of their quality but they are strikingly vivid. Can’t wait to make something out of our signature illustrations. You can purchase here, even comes in wallpaper, decals, and gift wrap. 


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