20 Dec

I came across the blog post from FleetCollection today where I sent in the photo above. I really love their dresses. They are affordable, comfortable, and super easy to coordinate with. I searched for bridesmaid dresses for a long time and honestly just wasn’t feeling anything. All the dresses I found were too formal and expensive. I wanted something that my friends could wear again. When I came across the FleetCollection store on Etsy, I knew I found my dresses. They are truly beautiful. And comfortable, oh my! I tried the red one on and seriously thought about keeping it for myself. They also coordinated well with each other and with the two dresses not from there (the two blues on the right). 

If you’re looking for something all in the same color swatch, many of their dresses come in different styles but with the same color. So you could rock a whole mustard party. I just had to mix it up. 


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