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Happy Halloween

31 Oct



May it be delightfully spooky and grand.


One Week Down

20 Oct


1380351_10101675081874361_431146735_nI’m finding it hard to believe that I’m a married woman. A week ago I said I DO to the man of my dreams. I really didn’t think anything would change but woah, it’s like a whole new level. I was warned about that. Our honeymoon was incredibly rushed, packed and short. I’ve told people it was like a dream, but really it’s probably because we were both exhausted and walking around with a foggy brain. We both sat at work the day after and admitted our biggest regret in life was that we didn’t take an extra couple of days off. But life has it’s responsibilities and when you start a new job, PTO is hard to come by.


So in my intense longing to be back on my honeymoon and desire for the next time we can go back on vacation, I’ve done some heavy reminiscing on the incredible two days we did have. We originally wanted to go to London, but with six months of engagement to plan a wedding, find a job in a new city, continue working the job I had, find a home, pack a house and move three hours south, my brain was packed with enough chores. We opted to take a few days somewhere low key that we were both familiar with and save up for a really awesome trip later when we had more time off and weren’t so stressed. We chose to go to Gatlinburg, TN. Funny, I said I would never do this because I literally have been once or twice a year with my family since I was conceived. But I guess over time the Mts. became a part of me. I feel more at home there then anywhere.

I don’t know if it was the lack of sleep, the fact I was now a Mrs., being in a family vacation spot without the family for the first time, or a combo of all mentioned, but I was a sap the 2 days we were there. Walking around I kept telling Tj stories of me as little kid playing on a pumpkin over there or grandparents walking around here with me, or me and my dad sharing our favorite meals here. I was flooded with memories. And I wanted to share them all plus make new ones with Tj.


CIMG3885Biggest memory I wanted to share was the National Park, but due to the Government shutdown, the park was closed. Big bummer I must say, but me and Tj had the opportunity to park close to Greenbrier and walk a bit into the woods. I’m sure this is probably a motor trail, because the road was pretty high up to where the river was. Walking along though we finally found a pass down. It was one of the more dangerous attempts I’ve taken to scale rocks but the rebel in me broke out. And OH MY, was it worth it. I do believe we found the prettiest view of the river I’ve ever seen. I literally teared up. Lack of sleep people. And the fact that due to the shutdown, I thought we wouldn’t have this moment as newlyweds. We enjoyed several quiet moments of privacy and snapped some photos. Even got our dance on for instagram. We filled the rest of the day with orchards, bluegrass, and putt putt butt kickin.



1394189_10101675080981151_1252319306_nIn all of this, I was reminded of just how beautiful life is. I know people say that the honeymoon wears off. Really I think the emotional rush and crazy lack of sleep wears off and the fog lifts and you see clearly what you have. It’s your choice of what to make of it. I can only try to describe the rush I’ve had, the newness, the love poured out from the wedding and first days as husband and wife, going somewhere that means the world to me, and wrapping it all up in a whirlwind. I’m longing for more, but I’m grateful for the day to day life I can now share with my best friend. Sure we won’t have another trip as just newlyweds, but one of the funniest things was that we happened to be there when a Diamond Tour of older folks were visiting. So with getting up super early to get our day started we found ourselves enjoying breakfast before dark, chilling in rocking chairs listening to bluegrass and riding elevators with folks way past our age. And the fun thing is that it was a reminder of where we are headed.

1393042_10101675080831451_646998962_nYes, we’re young, but my goal is to one day be that old couple chilling in the same place we spent our first night as husband and wife and more in love then, than we are today. Sure life is full of uncertainty, little holiday time, and I’m sure many other horrible things people could burst my bubble with, but life is also very beautiful and I’m glad for every memory I can make.

When money is scarce, pick what makes you happy the most. Material things or memories?