Fake It Mentality

12 Jun


“Fake it till you make it.” It’s a quote I heard in a freshman art class. I was completely lost and most of my art work was a stab at the dark. When I heard that quote, I immediately latched on to the concept. It was a perfect, I could pretend I knew what I was doing and for years I lived with just that mentality. Not just in art but in many areas where I had passion but felt that I was completely inadequate to do the job.

Problem with this method is that is fools no one but yourself. It got me into a rut, because I  led myself to believe that I was a fraud at what I do. I lost my drive for why I began to do things in the beginning. I couldn’t have gotten where I’m at if I wasn’t capable of my actions in the first place.

I’m not capable either without God. It’s by his grace I have the talents I possess and it undermines him when I fall back on the “fake it” mentality. I don’t want to fake my abilities. I want to put the small abilities that I do possess into the hands of my creator and use my passion to serve him as the driving force behind my actions. To allow him to expand what little talent I do have into a real tangible gift. Sometimes we are blessed with great amounts of a certain talent/s, other times we are blessed with small amounts of talent and a whole lot of heart. We don’t have to be the best, we just have to release what we do have and be willing to step out and be a little uncomfortable. If God has given the ability, the desire, and the calling, he can more than easy fill the gaps of what we lack.

*graphic from here


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