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A Timely Ride

28 May

This past weekend I experienced a very odd, slightly humorous event. After reading this post you might think, gee that’s really no big deal. But, to me the whole event was a neat reminder to me of God’s timeliness in our lives.

Friday night I headed with my parents to downtown Montgomery for my cousin’s high school graduation. Due to the size of her graduating class (480) they held the event at ASU’s basketball arena. We got there apparently later then we should have to obtain decent parking and ended up WAAAAAAYYYY far away. My dad has back problems so he was not looking forward to the long walk ahead. We started out across the field with the large dome as our only point of reference for direction.

Before we had walked maybe 10 feet, a gentleman on a golf cart rode up beside us and asked if we wanted a ride. Now I’m sure this was his job so I didn’t feel like this was sketchy, but knowing my parents I expected them to kindly decline the offer. However, my dad hopped right on in the cart and my mother and I held tightly to the back. He weaved through parking down one road and up another, I couldn’t tell you want he did. My thoughts on this was great we don’t have to walk to the stadium, but I have no clue how we are going to find our way back to where we parked, especially in the dark.

Once we made it to the front of the stadium, we hopped off and as the man rode off we laughed at the moment. Pretty lucky timing right. So now the hard part was going to be finding my aunt and uncle in the middle of 1000+ people without anyway to contact them. My dad needed to go to the bathroom and me and my mom decided we would take the moment to go to the bathroom and fix our wind blown hair. As we’re standing near the sinks, my Aunt happened to come wash her hands. Lucky timing right. She just laughed and said what are the odd’s. We all walked out and there we met up with my dad and uncle and all sat together in a mass crowd.

Now through the long list of names being called across the stage, we finally all began to discuss how the mess we were going to find our car. The conclusion finally was that my Aunt and Uncle, though they parked far away did actually know where they were going so we decided we would walk with them, then they could drive us around to find our car. So afterwards, we walked, and walked, and finally discovered that we had actually parked a street over from them. So there was no sketchy long walk in the dark to our car.

Now, I know that wasn’t an EPIC tale there, but in all of it that night, I was reminded that God can ordain the smallest of events. Had the nice man not given us a ride we would never had been at the bathroom when my aunt and uncle was. And my aunt had given my uncle a hard time about having to stop and even go to the bathroom so had he listened they wouldn’t have been there. And it was just a nice topping to the evening that we all had a long walk back we could take together and we just ended up near each other, which believe it or not was quite a coincidence. Or not. God reminded me he has the little things under control, he’s also got the bigger things under control as well. That’s great because I need him. Dream big dreams. Pray bold Prayers.


The Journey

16 May


I’m super excited that my friend asked me to help brand her upcoming health conference. She wanted a chalkboard look and fresh market feel. Her conference will be in July and focus on essential oils, healthy eating, and overall happiness and wellness. You can check her blog out here.

Southern Landscape

16 May


Here’s a look at a logo and business card I just finished. The company is located in Brewton, AL and wanted an old Southern/vintage feel.

How to Wash Your Veggies

6 May


Spring has quickly come and almost gone. With the summer months approaching I know that my produce purchasing will significantly increase. As a young adult on my own I’ve realized things that should be really common sense doesn’t always click with me. Maybe it’s so common sense no one thought to share it with me, but washing your veggies is an important thing to do. So what do you do when you don’t know how to do something? Google it. I came across this post here that breaks down the best way to handle cleaning different types of produce. It also gives a list of the dirty dozen and clean fifteen. Needless to say, I bought a gallon size thing of vinegar last night.

The Eat Seasonally print above is available in my shop here. It’s a fun little reminder of when your favorite produce is most available in their finest. I’m looking forward to our on campus Farmer’s Market opening this Thursday. I’ve been patiently waiting.

Anxious Thoughts

6 May


Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Phil 4:6 NIV

Worry tends to rear it’s ugly head on the days when I’m most worn out. I’ve thought a lot lately about the root behind my worries. The main beast-control. So much uncertainty goes on in our world-things we can take precautions with but in all honesty we can’t 100% plan for every possible thing. After spending a few days chewing on the thought of control and why I worry about certain things, I came to the conclusion worry is my form of control over things I really can’t fully control. Almost like a guard, I guess I’ve let myself believe over time that by worrying about something I was protecting myself. Silly right? Yet it’s such a deep set thought I feel like I’m lying to myself to let it go. That’s when the above verse finally clicked with me. Be anxious in nothing, but in everything pray. (I paraphrased) You see I have two choices. When a worry knocks on my brain I can “control” it by worrying (which the old saying goes, you can rock all day in a rocking chair but you won’t get anywhere) OR I can pray about it and give it to God who ultimately can control the situation. It’s hard, but I know it’s what the word commands us to do and anything less is actually disobedience to God. I love what Mark Batterson says in his book, the Circle Maker, “Bold prayers honor God, and God honors bold prayers. God isn’t offended by your biggest dreams or boldest prayers. He is offended by anything less.”

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FleetCollection Bridesmaid Dresses

4 May

It’s shy one day of a week that I’ve been engaged, yet it sorta feels like forever. Maybe because I’ve been planning for a while. No I haven’t fully committed on a date yet (I have issues) but I committed on a color scheme a while back. I’ve told people and get weird looks. It’s certainly not your average two color affair. But I’ve decided to go with a floral theme which means my colors are primarly (get ready) royal blue, aqua, mint, red, yellow, pink, gold, and heck I’ll throw purple in as well. Yes that’s right I left out orange (it’s too much).

I stumbled across Fleet Collection while looking for affordable bridesmaid dresses. I love the colors, casual style and price. I wanted every girl to be in a different colored dress. I’m still thinking about the men but I’m thinking I’ll keep them simple in mint. You know like the leaf to the flower. Thoughts?