The Best Weekend Ever

30 Apr


So it was the best weekend ever! At least for me. I am happy to announce that I am the future Mrs. TJ Young. Bless his heart. It’s no secret for anyone who has known me that I’ve been waiting for this day for a while. He’s been pestered, and harassed, and shown rings and pestered some more. 

It was actually about 3 years ago to the date that I met him for real. I had known him through a friend, but I was taken at the time and so was he and we just didn’t ever conjugate a friendship. In April of 2010 we both found ourselves newly single and we were both with our respected churches attending the State Fine Arts Festival. He came into the same room as me and my friends excitedly were like “hey, he’s single go talk to him”. I’m like “no, that’s not what I do”. I went and talked to him. From there we started talking back and forth though Facebook, till I finally gave him my number and well the rest is history. 

In December of 2010 we were on a date at the Summit in Birmingham. We had been dating for real since September and I knew this weekend he was gonna drop the L word. As we were walking down this pretty flower path, he bounced ahead of me a little ways to this pinnacle in the path and stopped. My little weird excited self bounced right on ahead of him and kept walking. When we got in the car he told me he loved me for the first time (I did say it back). He was sorta bummed that I bounced ahead of him and ruined his pretty spot to say it so for 2 years I’ve been ragged about it.

ImageThis past Saturday we were back at the Summit. He planned the date, which is weird since he never really cares and insisted we go to Barnes and Noble first. After we left there he wanted to walk back down the path to go “look at Toms” and as we reached the top of the stairs I noticed a fairly large crowd chilling at the pinnacle in the path. It took me a second but I finally realized I was staring at the smiling face of our friend recording us, while her husband played his guitar. Up the stairs ran her little boy dressed like Jack Sparrow carrying a jar of dirt (I’m a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan) He handed Tj the jar of dirt and when we reached the pinnacle he stopped, pulled the ring out of the jar of dirt (It was in a box) and asked me to marry him. Yes he did give me a hard time about not stopping there 2 years ago, but I we finally said our “I love yous” and he put a ring on it. Here’s a link to the video, though sadly it’s a little hard to hear and see so back story helps. 

God truly knows the desires of your heart. I couldn’t have imagined that Tj would make me as happy as he does. Before him, I dated a guy for about 4 years. When that ended I really didn’t expect to meet anyone else that would get me. I can honestly say, Tj gets me better then anyone I’ve ever known. He even has a fohawk, which was my little teenage dream. He more importantly has a call of God on his life that he seeks to always follow. I couldn’t be more blessed.

We’re working on plans and a date, but mostly we’re enjoying this new stage in my life. Be prepared to see wedding inspiration and what not (I promise, this won’t turn into a wedding blog) Also note girls, that ring was ordered from EidelPrecious on Etsy. It’s a sapphire (but shhh.. no one can ever tell) so more bling for less. It’s absolutely gorgeous. 


2 Responses to “The Best Weekend Ever”

  1. TJ Young May 3, 2013 at 12:57 am #

    It was a very special moment. I love you.

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