Laugh Without Fear

17 Apr



In light of yesterday’s tragic events (seems like that’s a daily statement), I wanted to share something that I ran across today on Pinterest. The print above was in my feed and the last line jumped out at me. She laughs without fear of the future. You know how hard it is to not worry about the future (maybe you do, but for this hypochondriac it’s hard) But to laugh without fear. You see many of us can deal with things, press through, shake it off. But how often do we have the confidence to laugh, to be joyful when so much around us looks dim. It seems that people only become crazier. No longer do people do tragic events to point out some flaw in our society or some extremist is trying to make a point (these reasons are sad enough), no people just want attention. People just want to make a name for themselves in the worse way possible. Because worrying about the state of the economy, the state of healthcare and social security wasn’t enough. 

I’ve never been a doomsday person, but the truth is my hope in the future cannot rest on anything other then the fact, my God is larger. If you’re younger then 55, the future looks a little shady. Who knows when the economy will boom again, who knows if social security will still be around when I get there. Who know if our healthcare system will become excellent or impossible to get care when needed. Face it, our world needs a lot of reform. 

Sorry for the rant, but the point is this. We must laugh without fear of the future. The goal in life is to enjoy every moment. Find the good in the day. Start with the fact you woke up and took a deep breath. And trust that no matter the future, our God is bigger. It’s a scary world, but we can have confidence. You must choose confidence. You know that laughter is one of the best medicines. When we allow fear and worry to carry us, our immunes systems actually weaken. Don’t give into fear. Laugh. 


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