Good Friday-Great Friday

29 Mar

Photo Credit: Hillsong United

It’s Good Friday. I don’t know if you know why we celebrate this day or not. But for me it’s a Great Friday. You see today marks the day in the Holy Week (leading up to Easter) that Christ suffered and died for our sins. It’s a day we should stop and really focus on the fact that this should have been our day of suffering. 

Last Sunday I heard a sermon about Easter from Pilates point of view. What actually stood out to me in all of that is Barabbas. (Matthew 27) 

You see Pilate didn’t really want to send Jesus to the Cross. He couldn’t find any good reason why he should. But Pilate was the head government official and well he didn’t want to tick off the people. The people, well they seriously wanted Jesus gone. So Pilate came up with what he thought was a good solution. 

The custom of the time was to allow one prisoner to go free. Why anyone would want to celebrate this custom is beyond me but it was the custom. So Pilate thought, I’ll let them decide between Jesus and Barabbas. Surely they’ll pick Barabbas. Why? Well he was a bad dude. You see Barabbas was a rebel, he started riots, he murdered. He was hateful, mean as a snake. Just plain mean. Everything that Jesus was not. Yet, when the choice was presented to the people, they screamed, “Let Barabbas go.” So you see Jesus (in all his innocence) took Barabbas’ (in all his evilness) place.

He took our place. 

That’s right. You see when Barabbas in all his wicked ways walked free and Jesus was lead to the cross, Jesus traded places with us. Everyone of us is a Barabbas. 

So you see it’s really a Great Friday. Because it was once a dark Friday. It’s ok. Three days later, Jesus raised from the dead as our redeemer. 


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