FlySoloDesign//The 5 Principles of Greatness

7 Dec

I came across a wonderful website this week called Fly Solo Design. Created by Patrick Moore as part of his MFA thesis, Fly Solo is a resource to help designers through the design process and developmental process. It’s really beautifully done, you should check it out. As I was weaving through I came across this article. I  think we all desire to evolve into a better person. Unfortunately that process often takes change (cringe…yes I know) and painful examination of who we are. That’s by no mean any excuse though to quit striving. The Change Your Pattern segment really stood out to me.

The 5 Principles Of Greatness

By Greg Jackson for Men’sHealth


“You have to care to be a better man. That’s what makes a winner,” says Jackson. “You have to wake up and say, ‘I have a fire in me to be better than I am right now.’ That’s your base.”


“Once you’re inspired, you’ve got to learn. You need to learn everything, be hungry for everything, be curious about everything. Curiosity is what kills fear. Methodology is what makes good great,” says Jackson. “By methodology, I mean ‘ubiquitous principles’ – things that are true across the spectrum, regardless of what art you practice. What Bach does structurally in music, we do structurally in combat. There is rhythm and rest, beats and reversals. It’s all in Warrior, all that Beethoven stuff. If you want to fight like no one else, then fight like Beethoven wrote a symphony. If you want to be a better man, then don’t be like other men.”


“Human beings have a craving for pattern. That’s what causality is: the only reason we think things are going to happen is because they’ve happened before. Look at the sunrise or the sunset, for example,” he says. “You can do the same thing as a fighter, or with anything that you do in your life. You find the patterns in your life, the rhythms, the types of people, the expectations in your life, and figure out how to play them with surprise and greatness. You don’t have to stay on the same couch in the same position your entire life. Its okay to up-end causality; it’s what makes room for greatness. Change it up.”


 “You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable,” he says. “What we do to become great fighters is we train so hard every day that we can barely talk, so that when we get our 15 minutes in the cage, we don’t panic, we don’t break down, we can take whatever hits as they come, and still make the winning choice. If you’re expecting to suffer and problems happen, which they do, you’re going to fold. When you fold, you don’t grow. We’re here to grow, no matter what we’re doing. So be willing to suffer.”


 “Whenever you start on a project of self-improvement and it’s done positively, that’s not ever going to be a bad choice, ever,” Jackson says. “Anyone can walk into my gym, or get up wherever they are in the morning, and begin being better exactly where they are. Get your tools. Get in shape. Suffer well. Learn how your mind and body are connected. You’ll find confidence, and in that, your greatness.”

 He has it designed so pretty here.

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