Anthropologie Inspired Snow Globes

20 Nov

I know you’ve probably seen this floating around on Pinterest. Leave it to the genius of Anthropologie to create something so simple, yet magically beautiful. These snow globes are incredibly cheap, easy to make, and transform any space into a magical snowy wonderland. Plus they’re great for all winter long so you can decorate and leave it out through the cold winter months.

What you’ll need:

– Fake trees: I bought a pack of varied sizes at Hobby Lobby for about 3 bucks. They came with snow on them. I also had a friend tell me she found larger ones for a dollar at the Dollar Store.
– Fake snow: Also bought at Hobby Lobby, but I’m sure you can find it almost anywhere there is Christmas decor.
-Varied sizes of Mason jars or glass jars: Let you imagination run wild. I cleaned out my fridge and kept the glass jars. These look best in a grouping with different sizes. You can buy Mason jars, or you can paint the lids of salvaged glass wares or you can use an apothecary jar if you have some.
– Other woodland items: I personally didn’t do this but I have seen them with little foxes and such added. Real cute.
– Hot glue gun
– Paint: (only if you need to cover up a lid or want all the bases the same color)

Here’s the skinny:

Pre-step: If you’re going to paint the lids, do this first and let dry.

1. Decide which trees will go into which jars.

2. Put about a spoonful of fake snow into each jar, this will vary to size. The larger the jar the more the snow. Note: I put a very little amount in each one. It doesn’t take much but you can always add or take away.

3. Hot glue the trees to the inside base of the lid. Screw on lid and invert the jar.

4. Step back and admire. If you want more snow, add it. If you want less, take some out. If your trees are sitting sorta low in the jar you can hot glue them to a block or rock first to give them height and then glue that to the lid, just add more snow to cover up the riser.


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