So Doable Holiday Ideas

10 Nov

I could post a bazillion images for Christmas inspiration. I’m sure since Nov 1 you’ve been bombarded with them (Pinterest isn’t helping). My mind is on overload from all the things I want to try. Truth is, most of the time I’m incredibly stressed this time of year with everything going on. So this year, I’m making a very edited list of things that are doable. I think narrowing down to just a few things really help you focus on quality instead of quantity.

1. Snow Globes: So easy. Use empty mason jars, or even food jars (just clean out well) in various sizes. Add fake trees, snow, and other delightful things. Makes such a cute centerpiece.

2. Snowman Red Velvet Cake: Is this not adorable? Maybe not on the easy scale exactly but it’s worth the challenge right. Especially with such a well-written tutorial. You know you would be the belle of the ball showing up with this at your Sunday School Party.

3. Pom Pom wrapping paper: Leave it up to go ole Anthropologie. Way too cute. I’m also way too cheap to actually buy this from them when I know I can do a DIY version. Wrap gift with brown kraft paper or white paper. Paint polka dots or buy tiny pom poms from a craft store and hot glue to package. Tie up with yarn and a big ole yarn pom pom. Pom poms are pretty easy to make and even kid friendly. Here is a nice video tutorial.

4. Hot Chocolate on a Stick: Here’s a twist if you’re looking for a way to spruce up your food presentation at a party. Also cute to wrap up and give as a take-home gift. Especially with these free printable tags courtesy of A Pair of Pears.

*Photos from their respective sources


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    […] time of year. That wrapping was inspired by Anthropologie wrapping that I posted as part of my So Doable Holiday ideas. It was so easy. I followed a pom pom tutorial, added a tag, and painted gold polka dots to […]

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