What Inspires You?

5 Oct

I came across this video series a couple of years ago. It’s no secret but I absolutely adore Rifle Paper Co. (Who doesn’t?) Her style, the colors, and the passion behind her work drive me to always raise the bar. The video is part of a series, “Do What You Love.”  The series features women who are doing what they love and finding success in that.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Do What You Love,” you say? Well that doesn’t pay the bills or sure that works for them in blogger land but certainly not me. I get the feeling, you work hard and then you hit a wall. I think it’s a great inspirer to remember you’re placed on this earth with certain talents and gifts for a reason. Sure maybe you haven’t figured out exactly what your gift it but you got a passion. God has given each of us talents to be used. It might not seem like it could make much of a difference but how could we impact the world if we all did what we loved to do?

When I started art classes my freshmen year of college I had really no idea what design was or how it was produced. I only knew that when I saw the work of older classmates I had a deep resounding passion of this is what I should do. So though I embarrassingly admit that I was terrified I was going to have to hand produce my design materials (who would have thought that stuff wasn’t just on a computer somewhere?) I kept going. When I stumbled upon this video two years ago that same clueless, yet passionate excitement rose back up within me.

I know this is my gift, I’ll never be Anna Bond. But God has given me this passion and even though I have days where I think who really cares about stationery anymore, I know this is what I love to do.

I encourage you all to do the same, find what you love to do and then DO IT. Check out the rest of the series. Perhaps you’ll find one that speaks to you.

Happy Friday, enjoy the weekend!


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