DIY Zombie Invitation: Free Printable

2 Oct

Recently I had the opportunity to design some spooky invitations for my friend. She’s obsessed with the Walking Dead. I just can’t do it. But I always try to get out of my comfort zone and design things that maybe are a little out there for me. She’s planning a zombie halloween party and wanted to be able to hand out the invitations with a tube of candy blood. The idea of You’re Infected (Invited) hit me and I ran with it. The goal was to create an old horror movie look and I had to make the zombie a little less gory then what you might normally see. The outcome: A fun appropriate invitation for all ages (or most). To be cost effective, I made them where she could print them out at home on scrapbook (cardstock) paper. So hooray, you can too! If you’re looking for a fun invitation for your Halloween soiree, look no further.

You’ll need:
-5×7 Black Envelopes
-This free printable (2 invites to a page) *NOTE: save the pdf to your computer to print. The pdf views oddly in some internet browsers.
-Black and White Baker’s Twine (or some form of string)
-Red paper
-Card stock for invitation (I chose bright green and purple but get creative)
-Test tubes (I found these at Hobby Lobby 2 to a set for $1. For large quantities order online)
-Cutting board, Paper knife (or Scissors), and Ruler

1. Print out the invitation onto heavy colored card stock. I opted for fun bright colors, but these would work on almost any color you wish. Even black and white has a nice appeal. You’ll get two invitation to one sheet.
2. Using a cutting board, lay a heavy metal ruler across the cutting lines and with a sharp paper knife carefully cut out the invitations. I use this method to get a more exact and straight cut. You may also use a paper cutter or scissors. Whatever you are comfortable with.
3. Now on to the test tubes. Take strips of red paper and cut into confetti. (This is sorta fun) Once you have a massive pile of red confetti, stuff the test tubes full of it. My friend wanted to fill them with candy blood. I wasn’t adventurous enough to try this method but it was a cute idea.) Once again, get creative with it.
4. Write in your details for your party on the invitation and then stuff the envelopes. Using the Baker’s Twine, tie the test tube to the envelope.

Voila! You have a ghoulish infection (I mean invitation) for a stellar party.

Some other notes:
-If you plan on mailing these out, I would opt for plastic test tubes as the glass ones might break in shipping.
-I had initially wanted to place the invitation inside the test tube  to hand out but I couldn’t find any large enough. If you wish to do this you have to purchase tubes larger then 5 inches to fit the invite or shrink the invitation down in your printer settings.
-Save the scraps off your card stock to make fun party confetti. It really makes a table festive.

Need some other Halloween Cards? Check these out in the shop: Chocolate zombie + Bats

If you use these, I would love to see the finished results!

Copyright Stone & Feather Paper. Please don’t sell or take credit for this work.


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