Creativity is Not About You

13 Sep

Photo and Print from OhMyDeer

I started following a creative devotional last week from the fine fellas at Creative Church. The Creative Proverb Series is a collaboration of different professionals in the church and creative fields. For 30 days they wrote about a particular creative verb (principle) and how it can be applied.

I love design, but I also love the church and it’s a strong passion of mine to blend the two. 6 years ago when I applied as a freshman for the design program I really had no clue what design entailed–or the crazy about of emotion and time that would be invested into the design process. I only knew that when I saw works done by others that it was what I had a passion for. To me there is no better use for your talents then to serve God with them.

I started the devotional as a refreshment. I don’t know why but art will drain you; emotionally, physically, and mentally. I go through phases of pure adrenaline where I’m excited about everything I’m doing and feel like I’m in the clouds. Then I have a crash and just seem to get where I can’t for the life of me come up with anything great.

Day 3 of the series focused on Loving People. Right from the start the title floored me: Let God’s Love for People Drive Your Creativity. Isn’t that great? It’s an awesome reminder that what we do CAN have an eternal impact. Too often we get stuck focusing on how this project is going to reflect me, my portfolio, my rock star ego. But that focus can leave you feeling empty. Sure you’re on a high when it first goes viral, or the event starts and people are like oh cool poster. But then, the excitement passes or you didn’t get the views you thought you would. Folks didn’t send you a million emails requesting to interview you for their blogs. You start to doubt yourself. You start to question was the time invested worth it. You think, “I could have just been a doctor or accountant and made my time and energy worth it.” But that’s not your passion. So how do you channel that passion into something far more lasting? You love people, you serve people. You let what you do creativity be for the good of others and you remove yourself from the equation.

To sum it up, I’ll quote from the devotion:

Creativity fades. Cool flees. Trends become comedic material. So when you create be driven by God’s love for people. You will never regret it.

The series is over, but they have all 30 days posted so you can follow or read at your leisure.
The above photo and print is from OHMYDEER.


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