Connect Student Ministries

12 Sep

I’ve designed for several youth groups over the last couple of years. I enjoy it. Nothing makes me happier then making a logo or t-shirt for a youth group. I have to say though I’m totally biased for this group. Last June my boyfriend became the youth pastor for Connect Church in Daphne, AL. The church had been developing some new branding so I had the liberty to create a new look for the youth. We kept with in the aesthetic of the overall church and kept the Connect theme. I chose colors that were youth friendly yet complimented the overall church. Their primary brand color is orange. I found out that the color orange means change. The pastor chose orange after reading the “Orange Revolution“. Pretty cool way to use color and meaning.

I created hoodies, student info cards, sign-up sheets, calendars, along with postcards that could be mailed out for birthdays and encouragement.

The cards actually were modified from note cards in the shop. I just set it up where they could be printed front and back, three to a page on colored card stock. (If you’re looking for something similar for your youth group, I’ll be happy to set up same system for you with your youth logo on the back and info. Just drop me line.)


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