Small Business Love: The Overall Co.

31 Aug

Every now and then you stumble upon that rarity of a place, a sort of hipster haven in the midst of monotonous  commercial businesses and wanna be hang spots. Growing up in small town Alabama my whole life you get use to hearing bad raps about how there is nothing to do. However, every now in then you find a place that seeks to change that status quo. A place that sparks life into a small town.

Living in Auburn, AL for the past six years, I’ve seen coffee shops come and go. To be honest, I’m a Starbucks gal. I become timid about spending four bucks of my hard earned cash on a coffee drink that I can’t vouch for, so I tend to stay away from the local hubs. But then came The Overall Co.

Having opened only a few weeks ago, this local Coffee Shop in downtown Opelika has been creating quite a buzz. Yes, O-pa-LIIK-AHH, (Southerns, mind your draw on that last syllable). This quaint shop is the epitomy of a sustainable small business sparking vitatlity into what many people would consider a one-horse town. Seriously, you pass a Piggly Wiggly and a Jacks to get to it.

Sustainability is a key quality to their ingredients. Among their fine coffee and treats, you’ll experience fresh local whole organic milk. They also specialize in homemade natural pops. Some of the favors include Chocolate Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, and Peach Agave. Aside from the treats the whole shop possesses the perfect ambience. From the eclectic seating to high vaulted ceiling the place is full of culture. There’s even an art gallery upstairs and local musicians who play live from time to time.

And if you like that seat you’re sitting in while you’re enjoying your fresh organic milk, well it’s probably for sell. Almost everything in the store is for sell and probably from a local artisan. OK, let me just say that does my heart happy. They have art, stationery, jewelry, and even a few of my cozies for sell in the shop. So excited to have an opportunity to put a few of my goodies into a marketplace.

I’m thrilled that there is finally a place like this nearby. It’s one of those shops you read about an think, geesh why isn’t my town that cool. Well, Opelika, here’s your start. I hope the culture builds. If you’re ever in town be sure to grap a pop and drop in The Overall Co. That door, with it’s glorious rustic hues and awesome logo should do the trick.

Like the cozy? You can pick you up one right here.


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