The Wave Jumper

7 Jul

I heard a quote today that spoke straight to my heart. Especially for where I am in life and in my business. “Have pride in how far you have come, and have faith in how far you can go.”

I would have to say my pride should be totally based in God’s mercy and faithfulness for where he has brought me. I am incredibly thankful for the many obstacles I’ve overcome with the Lord’s help, especially in the design realm. I’m seriously amazed sometimes. I’m certainly not the best, this doesn’t come easy for me. But I do believe that God has called me to this field and I have an incredible passion for it.

I think it’s important to trust God to keep leading down the path he gives you. I read a sweet story in Steven Furtick’s, “Sun Stand Still” about how he leads his five year old into deeper waves. When the big wave comes, with his firm grip on his sons raised arms, he helps his son jump the waves. The morale his son must only raise his hands and go where his dad leads. Scary, but such a sweet glimpse at how our heavenly father holds us and leads. If you have a God given dream, then follow it and trust.

I decided this week to finally sit down and do a personal project. Sometimes it’s the best medicine for a burnout.


I’m so proud of these little personal portraits of me and my man.

Several jobs in progress and some getting the final polish. I’ll share soon.

Enjoy the weekend!


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