Ombre Cake: Attempt 1

19 Apr

If any of you are as obsessed with Pinterest, event planning, and baking as I; it’s a good chance you’ve seen the gorgeous Ombre cake. On the exterior it appears to be a normal layered cake, but once cut it erupts into a tasty rainbow of limitless color options. I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to try it. Last week, I invited a group of girls over for a sleep over. So I ran and bought some cake pans and icing tint to try my hand at a gradient aqua cake. I admit, it’s exhausting. Not the different colors but the layers themself. I’m not really experienced in the art of baking full cakes, much less layers. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy tinting the cake was. So if you’re good at layers, this project will be a breeze. I used a normal vanilla cake (white) mix and Wilton’s Icing tint gel to color the cake itself. Really the possibilities are endless. Here are some inspirations I used for my cake and links to how to’s!

Ummm, gorgeous! I love how little the cake is and how thin the layers are. It really opens up the amount of colors you can use and to me it’s just prettier with the smaller layers. I could only find 8×2 cake pans. Anyone like to give me tips on how to get the smaller layers? I’d appreciate it. Here is the diy.

Cake in a jar! Perfect little gift and quite honestly I’m sure much easier to make then a whole layered cake. I believe this is something I should try for my next little party. And also it could be a group effort with everyone making their own little take home favor.

This image was my inspiration for the the exterior and cake topper. I knew the minute I saw this that I had found my future wedding cake idea. So I set out to find a match. I love to crochet so I looked for crochet hearts. I found a really easy, FREE pattern and made the medium heart. Once the heart was made I bought a pack of wooden skewers at Wal-mart (100 for $1). The beauty of the skewers is that they easily slide into the heart and you can cut it down to whatever height you need. Once you’re done, throw the skewer away and get a new clean one for future use.



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