Encouraging Friendship: Card Kit Project

9 Apr

A few months ago I began searching my heart for ways to use my small business for good. I prayed about it and the thought of a card kit came to mind. I realize many of us rarely sit down and write out a letter these days. With the burden of postage prices and having to wait for days for our words to arrive it seems so much easier to just send out an email. However, I find nothing more joyful then opening up a cute, unique handwritten notecard in the mail. The goal of this kit is simple. You get four cards. Send one out to a friend (same person or switch it up) for a month. This is to encourage the bond of friendship. A timely and cheerful word to water the soul.

The kits are $10 plus $1 shipping and contain four cards. The cards are size a2. You get four different (random) designs with envelopes. The cards are packaged randomly so I can’t guarantee which you’ll get but if you see one you like let me know and I’ll do my best. All proceeds (minus shipping) will be donated to Speed The Light. Which helps provide missionaries overseas with the equipment they need to spread the gospel and provide aide. You can order here or if you wish to not go through etsy drop me a line at claybak@auburn.edu.

Below are a few examples.


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