Sneak Peak

6 Apr

So I’m excited to say I’ve picked up some gems this week from the printer. Next week marks the two year anniversary of opening my Etsy shop. While I must admit, I’m still very much learning, I think the last two years have shown a great deal of growth as both an artist and business/store owner. I hope one day that my store and freelance can sustain me so I’ll be free to be a stay at home mommy and youth pastor wifey. In the mean time I’ll continue with it as a side hobby and dream big. I found a quote yesterday that pretty much spoke to me: From humble beginnings come great things. It’s my new desktop inspiration to keep encouraged and learn always.

Now back to my sneak peek. I want to celebrate the two year mark with some new prints, discounts, and perhaps even a GIVEAWAY! Not sure yet if that’s gonna work out just right but stay tuned cause it’s in the works. Here is a sneak peek of a new print in it’s early stages of developement. I must say I have a love for the sea thanks to Pirates of the Caribbean (and I was totally obsessed WAY before the rest of the world caught on). After watching the fourth pirates back in December I got the hankering to do a ship in a bottle print. Here is a taste of it. More to come next week.


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