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A Little Drama Practice

24 Apr

Junior Highers scare me…

No like really, I’m afraid I won’t be able to communicate with them or even tolerate the incessant jabbering they do, and don’t get me started on the the amount of blushing and EWWW!’s and snickering that happen when you mention that S word.

As someone who has always felt called to youth ministry, the above statement embarrasses, even ashames me. Thus I’ve often told my boyfriend it wouldn’t surprise me if at some point we were junior high pastors. God does have a sense of humor. But the truth still stands that I’m kinda timid when it comes to being in a room full of junior high students. That is till this past Saturday.

Saturday I was asked by the youth pastor to come in a help with drama practice for Fine Arts. I was kinda skeptical that help would matter. I mean we’re dealing with two weeks left until the festival, a group of 12 year olds who have never done drama, competition where literally the best don’t have bones (side note: I watched a team last year at nationals BUILD themselves up into a tree and a chick literally SLITHER like a snake to the ground and turn into the devil. CRAZY), and these precious children had not even practiced the whole song yet. Boy did I have a lot to learn that day.

Not only was I quite impressed with how good they were having only two practices to their name but I learned so much from JUNIOR HIGH students that day that I could apply to my life.

1. They believed they could do it and succeed. I walked into practice doing my best not to write them off. In my head there wasn’t enough time to reach the level that needed reaching. But they jumped right into it and never doubted the odds. They didn’t see how crazy it was. Only that they were gonna do it and have fun.

2. They were eager to learn. One of the most important things we can grasp in success is how eager we are. What motivates us to push past doubts and obstacles. Even though these kids were racing the clock on learning the drama, they took it on head first and wanted to learn it. This was only their second time practicing it, they have one more Saturday to go. After the youth pastor remarked on how glad he was they made it all the way through and that they had another week to practice, he asked, “you know what we’re gonna do next weekend?” Much to both our surprise, one boy quickly piped up, “PERFECT IT.” How do you argue with that?

3. They were fearless. There was a part in the drama that theirs was based off of where two people rolled backwards. If you’ve kept up any with human videos since the 90s you’ll have seen a dramatic shift from the days of Avalon’s All the Colors of the Rainbow choreographed  in unsion to just crazy acrobatic stunts and things being build out of humans. Rolls are really quite simple in contrast but my first thought was great, now I’ve gotta sweet talk two folks into rolls. Last year working with the high school team it was like pulling teeth to get folks to roll. One girl stated, “see all this, it don’t roll. I eat rolls.” This was the response I was preparing myself for but I had several jump up, I wanna do it, me, let me do it, see I can roll. Amazed. They even were excited to build up on each other.

I can’t say how they’ll do in the competition. It’s rough and cutthroat. But I can say I left practice that day, humbled. I learned so much from a group that honestly I’ve always been afraid to really get around. I learned they’re still at a stage of innocence for the most part that most of us need to get back too.



Awesome Tees for Causes

19 Apr

I found this awesome site today called Sevenly. Each week they sell a pretty awesome tee for a charity. They give a good description of what the charity is and what your purchase will help do. I was happily surprised to find that one of their past charities was Convoy of Hope. As someone who is connected with the Assemblies of God, I know how awesome Convoy of Hope is in working worldwide with disaster relief. Sadly once the week is over you can go back and buy a previous shirt.

The shirts are really nicely designed and feature some awesome typographical elements.

Ombre Cake: Attempt 1

19 Apr

If any of you are as obsessed with Pinterest, event planning, and baking as I; it’s a good chance you’ve seen the gorgeous Ombre cake. On the exterior it appears to be a normal layered cake, but once cut it erupts into a tasty rainbow of limitless color options. I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to try it. Last week, I invited a group of girls over for a sleep over. So I ran and bought some cake pans and icing tint to try my hand at a gradient aqua cake. I admit, it’s exhausting. Not the different colors but the layers themself. I’m not really experienced in the art of baking full cakes, much less layers. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy tinting the cake was. So if you’re good at layers, this project will be a breeze. I used a normal vanilla cake (white) mix and Wilton’s Icing tint gel to color the cake itself. Really the possibilities are endless. Here are some inspirations I used for my cake and links to how to’s!

Ummm, gorgeous! I love how little the cake is and how thin the layers are. It really opens up the amount of colors you can use and to me it’s just prettier with the smaller layers. I could only find 8×2 cake pans. Anyone like to give me tips on how to get the smaller layers? I’d appreciate it. Here is the diy.

Cake in a jar! Perfect little gift and quite honestly I’m sure much easier to make then a whole layered cake. I believe this is something I should try for my next little party. And also it could be a group effort with everyone making their own little take home favor.

This image was my inspiration for the the exterior and cake topper. I knew the minute I saw this that I had found my future wedding cake idea. So I set out to find a match. I love to crochet so I looked for crochet hearts. I found a really easy, FREE pattern and made the medium heart. Once the heart was made I bought a pack of wooden skewers at Wal-mart (100 for $1). The beauty of the skewers is that they easily slide into the heart and you can cut it down to whatever height you need. Once you’re done, throw the skewer away and get a new clean one for future use.


All That Glitters is Golden

18 Apr

So I finally bit the bullet and tried my luck with Threadless Tees again. If you haven’t checked them out they have pretty cool artistic tees. Some of them can be quite odd but there are some really awesome ones as well. I submitted a design a few years ago and bombed. But yesterday I finally worked up the nerve to submit again.

My idea was to have the ship printed on either a silver or white shirt. The frame would be printed with a gold shimmer ink. Spiffy right? If you have a moment, please go and vote on it here. I really appreciate it 🙂

Happy 2 Years: New Prints in the Shop

12 Apr

Happy Birthday! To my shop 🙂

Seems funny that I experimentally opened my Etsy shop this day two years ago. I’m celebrating by adding new prints today. Some of my fave yet and bringing back some older ones. Plus you can save 20% off your order ALL WEEKEND! Just simply put in the code HAPPY2YEARS during checkout.

Here are the newbies:

  1. “Ship in a Bottle” Limited Edition Art Print. Available as 11×14, 9×12, and 5×7. I’ve always been a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan and knew when I watched the fourth movie I needed to paint this. It’s the perfect little addition to the nautical lover’s treasure trove.
  2. “You’re My Hot Sauce” postcard. Measures 4.25×6. Send your special hot sauce a little note.
  3. “Herringbone Pattern Thank You” Card. Measures 4.25×5.5 (A2). Comes with a kraft envelope.
  4. “Real or Not Real?” Dandelion Card. I said I wouldn’t get sucked in but the Hunger Games got me hooked. Everyone needs a dandelion in the spring. Measures 4.25×5.5 (A2). Comes with a kraft envelope.

Don’t forget today thru the weekend you can save 20% by using the code HAPPY2YEARS.


Encouraging Friendship: Card Kit Project

9 Apr

A few months ago I began searching my heart for ways to use my small business for good. I prayed about it and the thought of a card kit came to mind. I realize many of us rarely sit down and write out a letter these days. With the burden of postage prices and having to wait for days for our words to arrive it seems so much easier to just send out an email. However, I find nothing more joyful then opening up a cute, unique handwritten notecard in the mail. The goal of this kit is simple. You get four cards. Send one out to a friend (same person or switch it up) for a month. This is to encourage the bond of friendship. A timely and cheerful word to water the soul.

The kits are $10 plus $1 shipping and contain four cards. The cards are size a2. You get four different (random) designs with envelopes. The cards are packaged randomly so I can’t guarantee which you’ll get but if you see one you like let me know and I’ll do my best. All proceeds (minus shipping) will be donated to Speed The Light. Which helps provide missionaries overseas with the equipment they need to spread the gospel and provide aide. You can order here or if you wish to not go through etsy drop me a line at

Below are a few examples.

Sneak Peak

6 Apr

So I’m excited to say I’ve picked up some gems this week from the printer. Next week marks the two year anniversary of opening my Etsy shop. While I must admit, I’m still very much learning, I think the last two years have shown a great deal of growth as both an artist and business/store owner. I hope one day that my store and freelance can sustain me so I’ll be free to be a stay at home mommy and youth pastor wifey. In the mean time I’ll continue with it as a side hobby and dream big. I found a quote yesterday that pretty much spoke to me: From humble beginnings come great things. It’s my new desktop inspiration to keep encouraged and learn always.

Now back to my sneak peek. I want to celebrate the two year mark with some new prints, discounts, and perhaps even a GIVEAWAY! Not sure yet if that’s gonna work out just right but stay tuned cause it’s in the works. Here is a sneak peek of a new print in it’s early stages of developement. I must say I have a love for the sea thanks to Pirates of the Caribbean (and I was totally obsessed WAY before the rest of the world caught on). After watching the fourth pirates back in December I got the hankering to do a ship in a bottle print. Here is a taste of it. More to come next week.