The Story of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” WW2 Poster

19 Mar

I know everyone and their brother has seen a version of this poster and a million parodies of it. Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes, Keep Calm and Kill Zombies, Keep Calm and Do Something. It’s like it sprung out of nowhere and became contagious. Me and my boyfriend were in Books a Million a while back when he saw a journal cover with it. He sorta had an epiphany and was like I saw something like this on the internet the other day but in regards to Star Wars, what the heck is it? I told him a bit and about how it originally was a WW2 poster from Britain. “Ah, that’s cool,” was his reply and the conversation dropped. The other day he sent me a link to this video that tells the story of this quaint little poster. It was originally a part of a set of 3 different propaganda posters used. But this one was held in reserve till a real crisis came. The war thankfully ended and it was never circulated. No one ever saw it until years later. Watch the video for the full story, but it seems to me a interesting thing that a poster designed in the late 30’s made it’s debut in a very fashionable, relevant way today. Maybe because the truth of the statement is timeless and it came about when it was something folks could latch onto. In the world we live, all of us have worries, fears, or some insecurities of the future. It’s a good reminder to keep calm and carry on. I think my favorite mimic of this poster would be “Keep Calm and Trust God.” He knows the storm. Watch the video here.


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