Happy St. Patrick’s Day

17 Mar

I have to say for some odd reason today is one of my ALL TIME FAVE holidays. I adore it, I don’t know why. Possibly, because it is my mom’s birthday. I was always convinced as a child that automatically meant we were Irish. I mean she has red hair, born on St. Patrick’s day, and her last name was Tatum. That sounds Irish right? At least it did as a kid. Two years ago I got to live out a long time dream and spend the day at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, in Dublin, Ireland. I know right? How awesome. It was crazy! So many different cultures came from all over to celebrate and it was packed. I imagine it’s quite like the perfect party blend of Mardi Gras in New Orleans with the National importance of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The trip was part of a 10 day graphic design study abroad trip. I still can’t believe I got to go but I did and I’ve very thankful. I highly recommend the trip. The city was fascinating but the countryside was absolutely memorizing.

Here are some of my top fave photos. Enjoy!

Description of the photos:
1. Monastery at Glendalough. Some of the movie Braveheart was filmed at this location.
2-3. Cliffs of Moher
4. Hill of Tara and St. Patrick’s statue.
5. Architecture in Dublin
6. Brewley’s Bakery. So good!
7. Doors of Dublin and a really big leprechaun.
8. The Liffey Bridge at night in Dublin.
9. St. Patrick’s Day Parade
10. Christ Church Cathedral.

Another interesting point I was surprised to learn is that our decorations we use here for St. Patrick’s day is pretty much what they use over there. I thought was just mimicked it and made up something but no it’s pretty dead on. Wear green today y’all.


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