DIY: Upcycled Jam Jars

2 Mar

A few years ago I began to recycle more. I got my family started on the simple task of saving plastic containers and bottles, cardboard products, etc to take to our local recycle drop off. One thing that bothered me was that we used a good deal of glass products and our local drop off would not take glass. So here we had all these glass jars doomed for the dumpster. My mom loves this one type of pear preserves. I noticed that the jar once the label was removed was actually quite nice. I thought, now why pay $1-2 for a glass votive when this jar with some love would work? I began to have her save them while I thought of how to best spruce them up. I finally came across a post on Pinterest that used a crochet cover and the light bulb turned on! I set out to start making these covers and I have to say: in love! They are so cozy and warm and the pattern will make the light dance on the surrounding surfaces. The beauty of this diy is that it can be modified to fit most any jar. And you’ll be surprised just how many glass jars you have that are diamonds-in-the-rough: sauce jars, baby food, jams, pickles, etc!

Crochet Jar Cover I used Aunt Lyndia’s Cotton Thread, it’s very little. Use what you like.

Round 1: Chain 90 + 1 for turning (this is what it took to go around my jar, this will defer from jar to jar, but should fit snugly around the jar when looped.)
Round 2: Turn, single crochet (sc) in the remaining 90. Connect to form a loop by slip stitching into the first stitch. (Work the tail string into the loop to close any gap between the two)
Round 3+: Chain 4 (this counts as first double crochet). DC in second sc, chain 1. Repeat this until you reach the end. Then keep going on up until you cover the entire surface of the jar.
Finishing: Once you have the jar covered, slip it onto the jar and sc around the top, decreasing every now and then so it fits snug.

Note: I crocheted this cover off the jar, but occasionally I slipped it on to make sure it was tight enough to stay but loose enough to fit. This is a pretty forgiving pattern, it doesn’t effect it too much if you’re off a stitch or skip on here and there.

If crochet ain’t your thing, don’t worry I came across some other lovely DIY Upcycled Jar ideas. The goal is to repurpose those jars into something lovely and ultimately save you money.

First: I love the idea of taking simple twine and tying around the top. Place a candle in and you have an EASY rustic candle votive.
Second: Paint Dipped Baby Food Jars via Oh Happy Day. Paint and then add flowers.
Third: Mod Podge and food coloring lanterns via gingerbreadsnowflakes

Enjoy the weekend! Oh and send me some pictures if you do any or have any other ideas on how to repurpose jars.


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  1. shilpi karmakar May 6, 2013 at 5:28 pm #

    Cool ideas.. Check out some more at

    Hope you will enjoy them

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