Sketch Contrast

20 Feb

I was scrolling through my iphone yesterday and found several photos that I had taken of sketches for different designs. I’m happy I found these little gems because it’s interesting to see where a design started out and the finished project. There’s something about these raw drawings that just make me happy. Sometimes I find that I’m more drawn to my sketches then the final project. Sounds kinda bad when I put it that way but I think I just love something about pencil on paper. Below are a few examples of sketches and the project in a various state of completion.

The Anchor is our college ministry at church. Derivative of our youth ministry which is Deluge, we kept with the water theme. Anchor is a place to ground students in something consistent during the really quite chaotic years of college. Kids Kloset is a sewing supply store in Auburn, AL. These logos were part of an initial concept. We ended up going in a more kid friend direction but I still thought these were nice.

These are both cards I have made for various holidays for my boyfriend. He’s addicted to the Walking Dead. Weird, I know. But I love him so when he mentioned that I should make a zombie card I set out to surprise him. It was a winner, and since this zombie only has a sweet tooth I could stomach it. The other is the first concept I created for the Opossum Card I made him for valentines. I posted about the final version last week in a Valentine’s Day post.

I just think it’s neat to see things in their various stages. Enjoy!


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