Paper Flower DIYs

7 Feb

I came across Brittany’s wedding a while back via 100layercake and absolutely fell in love with large paper flowers. My mind started turning gears on how incredibly awesome it would be to make them for my future dream wedding and then she did a DIY on how to make them. I’m telling you I’m in love. I’ve been bookmarking different DIYs as I find them and finally the other day I decided to attempt them. Pretty easy and pretty darn cute. I’m gonna keep practicing so when they time comes to set the wedding plans into motion hopefully I’ll be an expert. Here is my pretty first attempt.

This one was made using Brittany’s large scale DIY, but I made a mini version of it. She also has DIYs for using the same concept for pins and rings. Find the tutorial here.

I haven’t tried this tutorial yet but I like the different look of it. It looks like the same idea pretty much, just a different flower.

The beauty of these projects is that you can make them almost any size you very well please in any color paper you can find. The options are almost endless. Plus this to me screams unique, cost-effective decor. Who doesn’t love that?


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