Today on Pinterest

6 Feb

I know if you’re female you are most likely 99% as addicted to Pinterest as I am. I can’t tell you how many things I have learned from this crazy cool site. I have boards for food, my future dream wedding, design inspiration and so much more. I wanted to start a category blog here where I pin the coolest things I’ve seen today and also let you know if any of them are things I’ve tried and found to be really awesome. Here are my picks for today.

Child’s Own Studio. This company takes your child’s awesome drawing and creates a toy from it. So turn your child’s fabulous imaginary friend into a reality.

White Chocolate Cinnamon Pretzels. These are DELISH. I didn’t find these today but I did want to share a success. I made bags of these as Christmas gifts and they were light and tasty. Also you’ll find several wonderful looking recipes on this blog.

Due to the length of the photo you’re probably going to have to use the link to read it but it’s incredible. Totally takes the awesome cake today. This is what friendship should always be. You’re incredible just like God made you. Check out Josh and Grace.

And if you wanna follow me on Pinterest? Well I’d just be flattered to pieces. I keep it cool. Find me here. Let me know so I can follow you back. Who knows you’re pin may end up here.


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