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Salted Caramel Mocha Match

31 Jan

So I knew the day might come when Starbucks sent their tasty Salted Caramel Mocha away with it’s cousin the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Darn tasty seasonal flavors. I know some shops still have the sea salt so they will make it if you ask. However, if you run across the issue as I did today where they are out you simply order a Toffee Nut Mocha. It’s the same minus the salt. I suppose you can always add your own sea salt and turbinado sugar to the mix. I’m still enjoying it as it is.

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31 Jan

Cafe du Monde Beignets

Hello all! I spent this past weekend in New Orleans. I’ve been wanting to take this venture for quite awhile when my sweet man and his folks decided to surprise me with a trip. It was a perfect day and kinda quiet for the city considering this Saturday starts Mardi Gras. We mostly spent the day walking around the French Quarter scouring the unique shops. It was quite a sensory overload considering I had never been and only managed 3 hours of sleep the night before. I knew I had to try a beignet and even some gumbo. Which was delish. However, this past Saturday being my first day off the Daniel Fast, I don’t recommend N’awlins style food to be the first thing you introduce back to your system. I took my camera so hopefully I have some nice shots to share later. I’ll leave you with a taste of the sugary beignets as I’m pretty content in how this picture came out. And my favorite block of the whole city, definitely the corner with Anthropologie and Starbucks.


Valentine’s Day Promotional

26 Jan

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My Kind of Party: Inspiration

25 Jan

photo credit: A Pair of Pears

I stumbled upon the most perfect party idea today at A Pair of Pairs. The whole party is perfect for these chilly days, well except that it’s 80 degrees today in Alabama but oh well. Who doesn’t love hot chocolate, and a whole party dedicated to the theme seems perfect to me. Just add in smores and you have my perfect party. And check out the hot chocolate on a stick here. How awesome is that!?! Plus, A Pair of Pears is super sweet by providing FREE printables. Those tags are adorable and how cute of a party favor would that make. Really check them out.

All credit goes to A Pair of Pears.

First Round With the Daniel’s Fast

25 Jan

The second week of January, I set out on a new challenge–The Daniel’s Fast. It’s pretty much no sugar, no bread, no meat, no butter, no eggs, no dairy, no alot of things. Especially, NO COFFEE. I must admit that one exclusion scared me the most. I generally am a pretty healthy gal and can go without meat for a while and not miss it. I occasionally drink soy milk, and growing up as a product of the 90s I’ve ate fat-free stuff most of my life. However the Holidays hit and I got away from really caring about what I eat or put into my body. It’s ok now and then to do that but I needed my perspective refocused. I began the new year with the Daniel’s Fast.

The fast comes from Daniel 10:2-3, “During those days, I Daniel, went into mourning over Jerusalem for three weeks. I ate only plain and simple food, no seasoning or meat or wine.” Daniel spent those three weeks humbling himself and pleading to God for his request.

You can google  the fast to find rules or even read a few books, I knew if I was going to make it through this fast I had to set guidelines I could keep. So I ate brown rice and tortillas, instead of bread. For sweetener I used honey. I kept whole 100% fruit juices in, and I had oatmeal. These are all things that for some , break this fast, but it is what you make it. I also made the weekends a semi-fast, meaning I added in other things like grilled chicken but generally kept it healthy. The fast is what you make it, obviously  it won’t be easy, but you need to be realistic.

My goal in doing this fast was to get my physical focus back. After the Holidays I got out of a routine and pretty much wasn’t paying attention to my food intake. The fast was to help reform a routine and tighten up on things. I think that it’s important to balance a spiritual focus with a physical focus. During this time I also listened to a sermon series by Sherri Rose, “Fit for My King.” It talks about the importance in freeing yourself from emotional and physical damage and how living a healthy lifestyle is important in your spiritual walk. I think overall it is important what we put into our bodies. As I said I grew up eating mostly “fat-free” food. I’m not really convinced now that “fat-free” is the healthiest. I want to start using more whole foods, and keep out the highly processed and refined food that plagues our grocery store shelves.

For the most part, I’ve done well. I have the confidence that I can do this again later and probably even tighten up some. I have to say now that I’m 2.5 weeks into it, I feel my energy has kicked up and I can tell a difference. I’m also hungry. The past few days I’ve noticed what I was eating wasn’t satisfying. So this morning I splurged on breakfast, I’ll save you the price figure. I’m nearing the three weeks so the next few days it’s key not to give in. Three days left.


A Different Kind of Marinade

24 Jan

I’ll be honest, I deal with anxious thoughts occassionaly. More then I would like, I find myself fretting over things that really I shouldn’t. It seems when I find peace over one issue, then there is another. I try to find peace by reminding myself that, oddly enough that is life. Life is full of ups and downs and all arounds. But we should focus more on what could go right then what could go wrong. As I was reading this morning I came across a passage in Philippians 4 where Paul urges the church to let go of worry and fret. To trust God and to think of good things–the BEST, not the WORST. I began a devotional this morning called Jolt of Joy and in the devo, this stood out to me. “If you desire a joy so pervasive that it will trump every other circumstance in life then you must spend time in the presence of the Lord. If you are desperate for a joy that will literally defy all of your life’s depressing situations then you must choose to marinate in his presence.

Marinate. The word struck me funny as I think of a piece of chicken chilling in some Italin dressing, but it’s true. How often do we try to get by with only spending a few moments in the presence of God when we should be marinating, batheing in his fullness. If you cooked a chicken without letting it have proper time to soak in the yummyness, you would have a very dry, tough, tasteless chicken. We shouldn’t be tasteless, we should be reeking with the presence of God. That’ll be evident by the joy on our faces!

My new year resolution was to worry less. I’ve never been one to accept throwing in the towel so I’ll keep pressing on. I need to marinate in the Lord more. I need his joy and his presence.

Hello Blogland!

22 Jan

Here it goes!

I’ve dabbled in blog land for years but never really committed any effort to it. I think the idea of having another commitment on the table kinda intimidates me, yet I wish to have a challenge, a push to keep my work updated. Therefore, I started this blog for that reason. To have an outlet for my inspiration, projects I’m working on, and updates in the store. I must admit more and more I get the question do I use wordpress? And the answer has always been no. So this is a learning curve for me. Bear with me as this project takes shape and any helpful hints and suggestions will always be appreciated.