First Fabric Design Ready To Go

14 Mar



I’m excited to announce that I have my first design pattern up for sale at It even made the home page for the recent trends (1st one in bottom row). I initially came across Spoonflower when I was looking for some specific prints for baby gifts. I googled Dr. Who fabric and came across several on this site. I spent some time exploring and just let me tell you they have so many adorable prints to choose from. I favorited so many things to purchase later when I have kids. 

The exciting thing about Spoonflower is that you can upload your own designs. I seriously was not going to get involved with this but they have weekly contests and just so happened the upcoming one was gemstones. I knew Stone and Feather had to play their part so thus commended my first fabric pattern.


My purchase of it came in last night and the stones details show up beautifully. I was a little concerned that the painted details would lose some of their quality but they are strikingly vivid. Can’t wait to make something out of our signature illustrations. You can purchase here, even comes in wallpaper, decals, and gift wrap. 

Engagement Announcement

13 Mar

Laura Annoucement
I recently had the honor of painting an engagement announcement for friend. They wanted to incorporate their sweet little bunny and the groom-to-be’s love of games.

Help Feed Hope | Fight Hunger

13 Mar

For Christmas Tj got me a gift card to Skillshare so I signed up for a few hand lettering classes I had on my wish list. I finally got around to watching the lessons for Mary Kate McDevitt’s second hand lettering class. She has two, the first one teaches how to create effective hand lettered designs. The second focuses on the digital aspect of creating a cohesive design with hand lettering,texture, and color.

I applied her tips to a shirt I’m working on at work for the food bank. This time I created a new page every time I did a massive tweak of the file just so I could see the progress. It’s pretty fun to see how it evolves.


At first, I went with three colors. I hand lettered the fork and spoon and the message. I liked the idea of a place setting. However, I felt that the green was too stark and thought the design could handle being reduced to two colors. This also helped on the screen printing side of things. I also felt that the words were too contained in the “plate”.


I brought the lettering out of the plate. At this point I started to experiment with texture and created some using stamp pads and pens.

I also lost the weird block at the bottom and brought in some flourishes to create a charger look around the plate. I added the texture I created. We decided the message needed to be more elaborate so I added some more lettering and flourishes to really solidify the charger idea.

I’m happy with the final outcome and I’m thankful for taking the class. It’s always helpful to see the process of other designers to learn new tricks and freshen up. If you’re interested in taking that or any other class for the first time, click here for a $10 discount.

Spring Floral Wedding Invitations

1 Mar


This month marks 6 months of being an old married woman. It’s been a interesting twist to everyday life, but I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. Some days it’s hard to believe it’s only been 6 months. October 12th seems like it was ages ago. The whole day was a blur of fun and crazy exciting adrenaline, great friends, awesome family, and lets just say that top piece of cake is getting thawed early (we waiting half a year, that’s good enough right?)

In the midst of all the planning I did, my favorite components were my invitations. They were my baby. Each one lovingly wrapped up and mailed with adorable stamps to guests. Once I had these made, the rest of the wedding came together. The little illustrations I created of me and Tj were made into cake toppers. I used the flower paintings as backdrops to drink tags and food labels and for the programs.


I couldn’t be happier with how these invitations presented the whole theme of the wedding. Invitations are often after thoughts in the midst of the mountain of details wedding planning will throw your way, but they are the first piece your guests will see (unless you send out a save the date.) Make a statement from the get go. Tease your guests with the goodness that awaits them.


The invitation alone is available as a printable template in the shop. You can grab it here.

Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet

28 Feb


I’ve been using Young Living oils since last May. I find new uses for them every week because they are so versatile. I had the privilege of being asked to start creating promotional flyers for The Wellness Project. The Wellness Project was started by a wonderful friend of mine who’s desire is to education people on how to experience complete wellness through the use of essential oils, good wholesome food, and quality life experiences. We both have a love of typography and vintage/ earthy color schemes so I’m looking forward to collaborating on many more pieces for this project.

I was going to give you my top three oils in this bunch, but the more I thought about it, I just couldn’t choose. The more I use these oils but more I find value in each one. So I’m going to break them down by which is best for what. 

Colds and Viruses: If you have small children around your house, please invest in Thieves. It helps kill so many germs and yucky things. Back in January I got the flu….I only missed one day of work and was never in such severe pain that I couldn’t function. Yes, I did go to the doctor but I added in a heavy dose of Thieves to help fight that junk off.

Muscle Pain or Headaches: You need PanAway and Peppermint. My dad has always had back pain. A few years ago he unfortunately had to have surgery to help with his sciatic nerve. Since then he’s dealt with pain on a daily basis. He uses both of these and loves them. Peppermint is also great with headaches. My husband use to take some weird medication for daily headaches and now he uses peppermint oil. Great stuff.

Detoxing: Lemon! It can be used to flavor water and helps to detox all the nasties out of you. Folks on my team have been using a combo of peppermint and lemon for weight loss and seen some great results. 

All encompassing: Frankincense and Lavender are your jack of all trades. They are good for immunity, scars and skin issues (can we say easy, natural anti-aging magic), destressing, neo-to-go (it’s gone). These two oils are great!

If you’re interested in more of these oils, just message or check out my pin board, essentially.

Member #1457045 | Note: These are not FDA approved and I can’t claim they’ll do a thing for you. 


20 Dec

I came across the blog post from FleetCollection today where I sent in the photo above. I really love their dresses. They are affordable, comfortable, and super easy to coordinate with. I searched for bridesmaid dresses for a long time and honestly just wasn’t feeling anything. All the dresses I found were too formal and expensive. I wanted something that my friends could wear again. When I came across the FleetCollection store on Etsy, I knew I found my dresses. They are truly beautiful. And comfortable, oh my! I tried the red one on and seriously thought about keeping it for myself. They also coordinated well with each other and with the two dresses not from there (the two blues on the right). 

If you’re looking for something all in the same color swatch, many of their dresses come in different styles but with the same color. So you could rock a whole mustard party. I just had to mix it up. 

Lemon Sugar Scrub

14 Dec

I love easy, cute gift stuffers. I came across this recipe for Lemon Sugar Scrub and decided to give it a try. The recipe below filled five small mason jars and the labels are available here.

Lemon Sugar Scrub
– 2 1/2 cups of Organic Cane Sugar (I also tried coconut sugar which turned everything to a brown)
– 1 cup of oil (I used 1/2 cup of coconut and 1/2 cup of olive)
– Juice from half a lemon (I also added some drops of Young Living lemon essential oil)
– 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Mix it all up and add to labeled jars. Try some string or ribbon around it and you’re good to go.



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